+994 12 505 79 50 Azerbaijan, Baku, 15. Akhmed Javad srt.


Are you looking for a job?!

Then you have contacted the right address. The Work Space Company offers you a wide choice of vacancies which are updated every day. You can watch vacancies on our website. You can also call us.

To submit an application to our company, you can fill an electronic form of the CV on our website or send your own CV  to our e-mail address.

The contract is signed between candidates and our company for a period of 6 months with an opportunity to prolong.

Payment for services is brought in the form of % from the first candidate’s salary.

The size of % depends on the employer and varies between 40%-50%. In some cases the employer pays for the recruitment company’s services. In that case services of the recruitment company for the applicant become free.

For more information you can contact us via phone: 012 5057950 or via the e-mail address: hr@workspace.az

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